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We offer the largest selection of toner cartridges and ink cartridges on the internet and you can take advantage of our extremely competitive low pricing.

We are capable of offering low prices on our products because we are manufacturing compatible and remanufactured cartridges ourselves. By manufacturing these products in-house, it has become possible for us to offer much lower rates when compared to the products offered by our competitors. Our competitors usually have higher pricing because they are passing the cost for shipping and 3rd party manufacturing on to their customers. Read more >


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Printers and copiers are highly in demand these days especially since printing has become an intrinsic part of life. Precision Toner has a complete and fantastic range of premium quality printers and photocopiers to meet all of your printing needs.
Toner and Ink Cartridges

We also offer the leading brands of compatible toner and ink cartridges that offer easy and cost effective

Commercial Photocopiers

Our product provides fast, high-quality flatbed copying and scanning convenience along with crisp output in a relatively small-footprint device that easily fits into any small office, home or department.

Printing Services

As a one stop shop solution, we also offer a variety of Printing services that will give you the marketing material your business needs to get the job done from start to finish.

Colour Photocopiers

We offer a full range of branded colour photocopiers to give you the highest level colour and detail to your copies.

Inkjet Printers

Find the best printing solutions with our broad range of inkjet printers. Get them now and experience amazing results.

RankXpress Web Marketing

Professional Online Marketing Services from RankXpress, a division of Precision Toner. Increase web traffic and generate more leads and sales today!

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Why Choose Us:

High Quality Products

Precision Toner products, including laser and inkjet printers, toner and ink cartridges and photocopiers are all crafted using state of the art technology and top quality materials to ensure ideal function and performance. We are the leading suppliers of high quality printing products in the market and we have the most reliable printing solutions to suit your business’s needs. When it comes to our printers and photocopiers, quality is never compromised. We carry the printing products that you can trust.

Outstanding Customer Service

We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service. This is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to us. We are dedicated to address the needs of our customers and provide the most suitable product to address their unique printing needs. We take time to address questions and concerns regarding our products. Aside from top quality products, the satisfaction of our customers is also part of our main focus.

Over 18 Years in Business

We have more than 18 long and solid years in the business. This only signifies that we are the best choice when it comes to your printer and photocopier needs. We have successfully established credible reputation in the industry, more than enough to make sure our customers trust us. In the last 18 years of business, we have had many satisfied customers. Having many years in this industry attests for our essential contribution to our clientele.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Cost is one of the most common concerns of customers when choosing products and services and we completely understand this. It is for this reason that we give customers a lowest price guarantee. We offer top quality printers, photocopiers and other related products but all these come with very reasonable price tags. If you are concerned about your budget, choose our products now and get the chance to enjoy not just excellent printing but also bigger savings.

100% Lifetime Warranty

We give our customers the assurance that our inclusive range of products is free from defects and have undergone excellent craftsmanship. This is our way of allowing customers to have the best user experience. Our products come with a one hundred percent lifetime warranty. We also make sure that each and every printer, photocopier and other related product provides results that guarantee satisfaction. Some condition applies.

Top Rated Canadian Supplier

Another reason why you should choose Precision Toner is that we are the most reliable and top rated Canadian supplier that can meet all of your printing needs. If you are looking for products that perfectly display advanced features and performance, we are one of the top suppliers that you can trust. We are one of the fastest growing suppliers in Canada and have been a favourite choice of shoppers across Canada for years.

Our Certifications:

High Quility

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  • Leasing a copier with Precision Toner is fast and easy aside from that fact that all their copiers are high quality. The friendly staffs help me from the start till the end of leasing process and you know what the best thing about this company is? The leasing rate is so cheap. I will recommend this to my friends
    George Smith
  • I need a copier for my documents that need to be submitted soon. My friends suggest me your company. Yes you’re great, the copier is excellent!
    Samantha Gomez
  • I need a compatible toner cartridge to replace my old one. Upon browsing online I come across your company. I was astounded by your products and your warranty. You will always by my source of compatible toner cartridge
  • My new office need printing equipments, my business partner advice me to buy laser printers from you. Your product is remarkable! I keep on coming back on you