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Benefits of using Xerox AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction Printer

In an office, you have several vital decisions to make. Buying a printer is one of those, indeed. Copiers/printers are essential gadgets that supply various office operations in a company. It helps the administration run business as smoothly as it can. 

Concept of Multifunctional Printers

If you look around, you may find numerous printing machines are mixed with several functions and qualities. However, before making the purchase, you need to consider your requirements carefully. Presently, a printing machine effortlessly delivers multiple purposes like scanning, faxing, e-mail, photocopy, and printing, called multifunctional printers. A multifunctional photocopy machine is an all-in-one solution, all set for individual office use, better than purchasing each device separately.

What Xerox AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction Printer Has To offer?

Xerox AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction Printer is one of the on-demanding Office Copiers Canada. But, what makes it a right fit for every occasion? 

Well, AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction copiers/printers can efficiently cover small, middling to comprehensive operations and everything in between. Fortunately, you can customize the device as well. This system has an in-build capacity to speed up your business operations, making it easy to keep up with the shifting industry. This printing device unfurls the avenues to an ever-growing exhibition of applications framed to simplify repetitive, time-consuming, and intricate processes as your company keeps evolving. 

Sweeping Protection

With AltaLink C8130 Multifunctional Color Copiers Toronto, threats detection, unauthorized access prevention, and data protection are easy as it comes with comprehensive built-in protection features.


Unmatched User Experience

This model offers gesture-based touchscreen controls allowing you to encounter a tablet-like experience. Additionally, you can enjoy generic operations and workflow smoothly with an easy customization option. 

Drive avenues of new possibilities

Give your work functions a new transformation with AltaLink C8130 since it features modern apps in the Xerox App Gallery. 

Establish smart workspace

Having multifunctional and Lowest Price Office Copiers Canada like AltaLink C8130 provides a seamless workspace and enhances next-level employee productivity, workplace efficiency, and security. 

Perks of using Xerox AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction Printer

Saves office workspace

Determining to use a multifunctional color printer will extensively help you save a humongous budget for the device itself. In addition, it saves your time, too. With endless options, you can conceptualize your printing machine requirements precisely. 

Deliver ample volume

Once you know what you want, you should get the right machine for the operation. Some companies use Showroom Color Copiers simply for lightweight printings, and some require printing closer to one thousand copies every day. A multifunctional color photocopier Toronto can handle such workloads better than single copiers.


Faster & cheaper

An inkjet printer in Canada can cost you more for official uses if you plan to choose it. On the other hand, a multifunctional printer can support the cost and is cheaper as it is specially designed to deliver office demands. 

Printers are significant purchases. Hence, buying a Xerox AltaLink C8130 Color Multifunction Photocopy machine can support your investment if you plan to buy with utmost care. It can match up with business quality and service and offer satisfying and durable usefulness, too. Precision Toner is one of the best copiers/printers dealers offering high quality and advanced Multifunctional printers in Toronto.

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Does it matter what kind of printer ink you use?

Printer ink runs out from time to time, and it is thus important to know the quality of different inks to refill your printer. For your official as well as school/college documents, you must use good quality printer ink for smooth and sharp printing. Within a limited budget frame for buying printer ink by your office or at home, it is important to ensure that you choose the best quality compatible ink cartridge Toronto

Although, companies that manufacture printers are constantly stressing over the use of their original printer ink cartridges. They always assert the benefits and high-quality color print you will get using their company’s printer ink. But the real question is if the printer ink cartridge is really worth it? You very well know how much it can cost you to buy an original ink cartridge for your printers. What if we tell you that we can offer the same ink quality for refilling your printer but at a significantly discounted price. We at Precision Toner have a wide range of compatible ink cartridges Toronto that you can order with just a click. 

Let us now talk about the benefits a compatible ink cartridge can offer you over original printer inks. 

What is a compatible ink cartridge?

Ink cartridges that the third-party manufacturer manufactures are known as compatible ink cartridges. These printer ink cartridges are not affiliated with any original printer manufacturers anyhow. The brand new cartridges are designed in a way to fit most of the printers. You get the same quality of printing and sharpness from compatible ink cartridges as from Original cartridges. The best thing about them is that they are cheaper as compared to the original ink manufactured by the printer company. Refilling the printer ink with compatible ink cartridges Toronto can be the best option so far. 

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Is a compatible ink cartridge best to use in your printer?

You can certainly answer the question with the given advantages you can have by using a compatible ink cartridge Toronto. A compatible ink cartridge can save you a lot of money as well as time, along with some other benefits. 

You must have figured out that the central plus point of a compatible ink cartridge Toronto over original printer inks is price. The reason behind this can be the extensive research a printer company does while manufacturing its products. This process requires a lot of time and effort, which is why they charge more for you. They want to cut their cost by setting you a higher price. Also, when you have a printer of their brand, they want you to get their other products sold so as to boost their profit margin. 

ink cartridges toronto

On the other hand, a manufacturer of a compatible ink cartridge does not go under an extensive research process. They simply prepare the product and thus, save their cost in manufacturing the product. This ultimately provides you with a cheaper ink cartridge Toronto for office and home uses. 

 Why spend extra dollars when you are getting the same quality at a lower price? You will get the same quality output for fewer dollars. People usually complain about the bad quality they have received using a compatible ink cartridge, mainly because they are using some random supplier’s cartridge. However, it would be best if you did your research before buying any compatible printer cartridge. Good quality compatible Toner and ink cartridges Toronto bought from trusted sites like Precision Toner gives you guaranteed high-quality printing. 

Another good thing to bear in mind is that compatible ink cartridges Toronto are designed to fit perfectly to most of the printers available in the market. You can simply use ink cartridges in your printer and effortlessly resume your work. This case is not the same for the printer ink cartridges. The manufacturers of printers design their ink cartridges keeping the product’s specifications and features in mind. And that is why it is hardly possible for these original cartridges to fit another printer. 

ink cartridges toronto

Why buy Compatible ink cartridges from Precision Toner?

If you want to be guaranteed authentic print quality, we recommend you use an original consumable. Precision Toner offers a wide range of discounted price compatible ink cartridges that are in-house manufactured and re-manufactured. We do not charge any hidden costs and provide you with the best quality ink cartridges Toronto. We are associated with major, trusted brands including HP, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox, Dell, Samsung, and many more. Our high-quality printer cartridges are very effective in giving you the finest quality printing. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Laser Printers

Laser Printers in Toronto have become much more affordable in recent years, making them a more accessible investment than ever. This implies that a mass printing equipment may be purchased for a very low initial expenditure for students and people simply starting up a new home office. A laser printer is a no-brainer for a busy workplace. It produces the highest-quality text prints, the quickest speeds, and the most cost-effective prints per page.

The Ultimate Guide To Laser Printers

Monochrome or Color?

The first criterion is your fundamental requirement: think about the sorts of papers you'll be printing to discover which Color Copiers Toronto is appropriate for you. If all you need is the capacity to print, and you'll simply be producing bills or other monochromatic papers, a monochrome laser printer is all you'll need. If you'll be printing color documents on a frequent basis, invest in a color laser printer.

Types of functions 

If you need to scan documents, make copies, or send and receive faxes, you'll want to look into a multifunction laser printer that can handle all of these activities. Other sorts of functionalities to consider include printing from USB sticks (file compatibility varies, so verify the specs), scanning to USB sticks and network locations, and maybe the ability to print and scan utilising Cloud-based apps.

The Ultimate Guide To Laser Printers

Paper handling

Printers typically only handle paper up to the A4 size, so if you need to print papers on A3 paper, you'll need to hunt for a particular model. If the printer has a multi-purpose tray, you can print envelopes and heavier paper, but you'll need to check the printer's specs to find the exact weight of paper it can handle (in gsm) and the number of envelopes that can be added.


Although USB is ubiquitous on all printers, Ethernet is the most important sort of connectivity to look for in an office setting. This will allow you to connect the printer to your network router and share it with your coworkers. All computers in the network that will need access to the printer will need to have the printer's driver loaded.

If you want to set up the printer on your wireless network instead, look for wireless connection (typically up to the 802.11n standard). If you want to provide mobile devices a means to interact directly with the printer and print via an app, search for Wi-Fi Direct functionality. This may operate with NFC capabilities on some printers, allowing for a direct connection to be established by just placing the smartphone on the printer.


A standard office printer is big and may be difficult to move around without the assistance of another person. Consider the printer's size and where it will be installed in your surroundings when making your purchase. You could want to opt for a smaller printer that would fit better in your workspace while yet delivering equivalent capabilities. You should also consider how simple it is to install toner cartridges and load paper, since this may save down on maintenance time. Get in touch with us and we will help you in shopping for the best showroom color copiers. 

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If you want to use your office printer for a long period, you must take proper care of it. Taking care of your printer requires not much effort. Therefore, you should take care of it if you are not planning to buy a new one any time soon and spending a huge amount. In this blog, we will share a few tips that will help you to take care of your office laser printer in Toronto easily and will help in extending the life of your printer. Experts at Precision Toner always suggest keeping in mind the given below steps.


1. Removing Dust And Cleaning The Printer Regularly

Cleaning your printer on a regular basis is one of the surefire ways to make your office laser printer in Canada last longer. It is recommended to clean the exterior part of your printer once a week. For the interior part, cleaning once in 4 months would be best.

2. Use The Highest Quality Ink

The quality of ink in your office printer matters a lot. Cheap toner and ink cartridges Toronto may cut the cost of your purchase, but it will eventually end up costing you a high price. Cheap ink cartridges can cause more mess and damage to your printer as they can put more strain and leak on the equipment. 


3. Replace The Cartridge Very Carefully 

If you do not pay much attention to the replacement of the ink cartridges in Toronto, it will dry up. If this occurs, you need to be very careful while changing it, as touching the bottom will result in reduced print quality. This will eventually affect the working quality of your printer. 

4. Use Quality Papers For Printing

You should always use the best quality papers when it comes to saving the life of your printer. Using medium and inferior quality papers can often result in paper jams. To better understand the standard quality of papers suitable for your printer, you can check the minimum paper standards published by the manufacturers. 


5. Always Close The Manual Feed Tray After Use

You should always ensure that you have carefully closed the manual feed tray for printing labels or other documents. If not taken care of, it can be broken easily as one can easily bump onto it. This little ignorance can cost you a lot as you will need to repair it.

6. Update The Operating Software Of The Printer

Similar to your computer, printers too have to be updated every now and then. The manufacturers of the color photocopiers in Toronto release the update for the present software you have in your printer. This helps to optimize the system, fix all the bugs, and improve the performance of your printer. 

Lexmark MX810de Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

Many consumers often experience that when they purchase any great new brand printer because of the outstanding sale price and start printing great quality documents. Within a few weeks, the toner cartridge starts running low and this reflects that you need to buy a new one. During the replacement, you realize that the new cartridge costs almost as much as the printer. The Precision Toner team is highly dedicated to fulfil our customers' needs and deliver the best product possible to meet their respective individual printing requirements. We take time to respond to any concerns or questions you may have regarding our products. Still, we never compromise with quality that can count on the printing services offered by us and provide our customers with the assurance that our complete line of products are defect-free and properly maintained.

Some people love to visit the shops to get their print-outs, while others keep a printer at their home to get instant print-outs. Some people desire to print color graphics images, while some need a huge amount of bulk monochrome photocopies. In both cases, people need to look for professional and accurate printers to ensure high-end clear print-outs. If you are also looking forward to buying an effective and economical printer, you must reach out to the Precision Toner. We know that all multifunction printers are produced using highly innovative technology and high-quality material to ensure ideal function and performance. Therefore, we serve the best and finest printing equipment and materials and provide the most dependable printing solutions according to customized customer needs. 

Since you feel the requirement of an asset to help you over the long term, you need to first figure out the purpose and task you need to perform with it. Never try to rush; you must reach the experts to analyze all the aspects and decide what you need. In today's modern eternity of technology, we all need to keep our work up to date. Many times we need a printer that can handle bulk printing smoothly. Precision Toner comes with one of the best monochrome printers, i.e. Lexmark MX810de Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

With the advancement in technology, it is wise to opt for the proper measures to fulfil your advancing needs and demands. Lexmark MX 810de makes your work secure, safe, easy and efficient without any hassle. It will not only help you to streamline the process but will also save your hard-earned money. Once you start using it, you will realize that your work is much easier. Whether you are looking to print bulk pages or you want to go for multi-unit folding, everything is possible with the Lexmark MX810de Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer Copier. It will help you print the document with complete accuracy, which eventually helps you manage the printing quality. These devices offer a remarkable time-saving user experience by being efficient and helping in time management. 

The Lexmark MX810de Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printers have a lot of specific features. At Precision Toner, you will get this exclusive printer on lease starting for only $25/month. The below-listed features make this printer, 'A-Level-Demandable' printer in the market for monochrome printing.


  • On lease for only $25/month.
  • Brand Name: Lexmark
  • Product Type: It is the best Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Duplex Printing: It has Automatic Duplex Printing System
  • Media Size:  This printer offers sizes like A4, A5, A6, B5 Envelope, C5 Envelope, DL Envelope, Envelope No. 10, Envelope No. 7 3/4, Envelope No. 9, Executive, Folio, JIS B5, Legal, Letter, Officio, Statement and Universal
  • Multifunction Devices: It works as a multifunctional Copier/Fax/Printer/Scanner.
  • Functions: The functions include Copier, Fax, Printer, Scanner, Email
  • PPM Speed : Max Speed (B&W) 55ppm
  • Media Capacity: The media capacity is 1200 sheet(s) (standard) 2300 sheet(s) (max)

Precision Toner offers the best multifunction printers in Toronto that fits in your budget. We have made it easier to buy or lease multifunction printers for your office, home, or commercial uses. We carry a complete line of the scanner, copier, and printing all-in-one devices available at a discounted price and provide the best pricing for different models and brands. We offer leading brands of toner cartridges such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Dell, Samsung, and many more. Contact us now for great exclusive deals and be able to experience bigger savings on your printing supplies.

Best Multifunction Printer Copier which deliver High Speed 90 Pages Per Minute

Technology advancement has increased with time evolution. In today's world of Artificial Intelligence, many highly renovated technological devices have come up on the market, making it easy for people to manage their daily affairs. One such effective technological device that is often being used for one or the other official purposes is the Multifunction office Copiers. 

Multifunction Printers Copiers are one of the most important equipment that have a lot of value in today's world. We all need to print out a document, scan any form or fax a receipt, and carry out its regular tasks; printing equipment has become the basic necessity of any office. There are multiple documents and pictures that people need to get copied or printed for their respective affairs. For these purposes, they require the best copier and printer to ensure their work efficiently. Multifunction Printers or MFPs are pretty common to operate the day-to-day tasks.

Best Multifunction Printer Copier

Many factors matter for a printer's efficiency, such as cost, color, size, and PPM. The ppm is the measurement of the printer's speed of printing text per minute. Most commonly, printers capable of speeds more than 30 pages per minute are considered fast multifunctional printers that allow you to save your cost by doing multiple tasks with great speed. These printers can do all the scanning, printing, and faxing work on one device, and it becomes easier to do these jobs without hustling between the chaos of several devices. The office copiers Canada can digitize all your valuable information.

Precision Toner serves you the best multifunction printer with a High Speed of 90 pages per minute. We give our best DEMO NEW Xerox Altalink B8090 Black and White High Speed 90 Pages Per Minute Multifunction Printer Copier Lease for only $178/month. You can save up to 25% with the upfront Payment. Some of its major features are listed below, which makes it special.

  • This printer copier can copy, print, scan, scan emails in 11x17 and has 4-trays.
  • It is one of the best optional finishers.
  • The Black toner of this printer can yield around 50,000 pages.
  • The Black Drum of this printer can Yield around 200,000 Pages.
  • Its Print Speed is: Up to 55 PPM
  • The Print resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • It has a single-Pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder that scans documents at up to 200 images per minute.
  • The Connectivity is too sharp, i.e., 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 direct print along with Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Control Panel system: 10" color upgradation and customizable tablet-like user interface.

These printers are easy to supervise as it is an autonomous device and can tap your new app to quickly perform the job you configured. These are also able to create customized 1-Touch Apps to automate multi-step workflows as these are designed to enable fast multitasking and collaboration. These highly advanced color copiers in Toronto can also save time by scanning to multiple destinations all in one operation, including a USB drive, network location, or SMB share location.

If you are looking forward to purchasing one effective lowest price office Copiers in Canada, you must visit the Precision Toner store. We have a wide range of MFPs that are most suitable for your multifunction laser printer and scanner for the office, which many people need for professional purposes. We've arranged a long list of the top large best format printers that produce enormous prints without sacrificing print quality on the page. These printers can print papers that are substantially larger than standard printers. We offer a complete range of professional color photo copiers Toronto and projects to ensure you 100% accurate and quality printouts. 

We have been working in this field for more than 25 years, and we are so proud of serving the highest level of quality at an affordable price to all of our valued customers. We offer low prices on our products because we manufacture cartridges and other products by ourselves. We give the best pricing for different models and brands, and we carry leading brands of toner cartridges in Toronto such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Dell, Samsung, and many more. Contact us now not to ever miss out on our great exclusive deals and be able to experience bigger savings on your printing supplies. everyday needs and desires. We are here with a complete guide to buying an accurate color 

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