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Buying An Off Lease Copier Vs. A New Copier For Your Business


There are a number of companies and brands that come to your mind when you think about getting a copier for your organization. However once you select the company, the next decision that you will need to make is about getting an off lease copier or buy a new one.

Let’s take into consideration that fact that back in the 80’s and 90’s the ratio of buying a copier or leasing one was about 50:50, on a balance. However today about 80% of businesses around the world, medical practices, schools (public and private) as well as universities lease their copiers.

A logical reason for the increase is the ever changing technological landscape. You never know when new technology might come about and you find your devices obsolete. Therefore its best that you lease copiers rather than buy new ones.

Today a copier isn’t only a copier anymore. In earlier times the function of a copier was to just copy. However this has changed a lot with time and today a copier is one device that not only copies but also prints, scans, faxes and also performs hordes of other important tasks within an organization.

Almost 60% of the document management within a professional office is managed by a copier. And with a number of businesses that are attempting to go paperless, the multifunction copier device is becoming a powerful technology tool. Today a copier is a computer that performs a number of document management tasks within organizations.

When you lease a copier, your business can manage it within a certain budget and then as the technology upgrades every 2-3 years you can get a new machine with the latest technology to help your business setup become more efficient and up to date.

For those businesses that like to operate with little or no debt at all, buying copiers can save them money by not paying the lease fees and interest charges. Although a lease is not a debt but then again one becomes bound to its terms and therefore a lot of business owners consider it similar to having to pay a debt.

The best advantage of buying a copier for your business is the fact that one can use it just the way they want to. There are no limitations or terms binding the use and function. If you buy the latest machine with the best technology, you can keep it for a number of years and then sell it off without having to worry about returning the machine to the company as with a lease.

The downside of buying a new copier is just that it costs up to $8000 to $10,000 for a mid end machine and that is a whole lot of money that a business might have to take out up front.

So there are the reasons that you should always take into consideration when thinking about buying a copier or getting yourself one on a lease.

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