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How Photocopier Leasing Is Better For Your Business


Let’s come straight to the point, owning a copier can be a big financial burden for a number of business setups. Along with initial capital required to purchase the copier, there are supply costs, maintenance fees and other costs here and there that can stretch the operational budgets of an organization beyond its limits.

The easy way out of this trouble is to lease a copy machine as it helps ease up the capital payments required upfront when purchasing a copier and also has a number of attractive benefits as well.


A number of business setups often don’t have unlimited capital for investment at their disposal. For such businesses it is very important to save financial resources so that they can explore profitable business opportunities and make those purchases which will appreciate over time rather than buy technology for their office that is bound to lose its value over time and become obsolete as well. It is good that business setups that cannot arrange huge capitals upfront actually focus on leasing heavy machines like business copiers so that they can keep the credit line available for more important needs. Also leasing a copier also has agreements that mostly include cost of supplies and this reduces the initial payout further.


If you want to alleviate your business’s budgeting concerns then it is ideal that you go for leasing a copier. This will keep you from paying a large amount at once and you can divide the cost into smaller payments as per your requirements. This will allow you to arrange your financial resources in a better way. You can choose the length and term of your lease arrangement and therefore get more flexibility on the payment option. If there are changes in the interest rate they are less likely to affect your established payment arrangements.


When you want to avoid taxes you should opt for copier leasing rather than purchasing one. On leasing a copier, the lease payment will automatically be considered a part of pretax business expense and you can deduct its entire payment every time you make it. On buying a copier you will only get the chance of deducting the depreciation of the machine which is usually 40% of the purchasing amount in the first year and then 25% in the following years. Therefore establishing leasing a photocopier an ideal choice for your business setup.


The technology landscape is ever changing. Copier machines will not only depreciate over time but they will also become obsolete as new and better technology will keep on introducing itself constantly. If you purchase a business copier they only way you will be able to upgrade in technology would be to buy a new machine and that is not at all feasible in subsequent years. And then there will be trouble of getting rid of the previous model that will be an added strain and expenditure to your already strained mind.

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