Laser Printer or Inkjet printer? Which is right for you?

Whenever we plan to purchase a new Laser Printer or Inkjet printer, we are often in a state of confusion as there are many options with a wide range of products. All have their unique features and specifications which always catch our eyes. Without proper analysis and guidance, it always becomes tiring work to pursue. Precision Toner is here to provide a complete guide to buying an authentic printer either for home or the office, which many people need for professional purposes. We have arranged a comprehensive comparative analysis of the printers that produce enormous prints and stand proudly at your customized needs and desires.

laser vs inkjet printer

Before coming to any conclusion, we all need to know about the major differences between the printers. There are two basic configurations of printers: Laser Printer and Inkjet printer. These printers are assigned with the task of getting an image or document printed onto your sheet of paper. The choice of the printer all depends on the needs of your business and workplace. There is a common notion that Inkjet printers are ideal for home use while laser printers dominate the cooperative world with great ease. Many people claim that Inkjet printers offer the finest quality when it comes to color printing. So, both printers have their respective strengths and weaknesses, which finally incline towards the fulfilment of the customer's needs. Let's try to have an overall understanding of both types of printers.

Inkjet Printers 

Ink Cartridges in Toronto

Inkjet Printers in Canada are printers that spray ink in a series of tiny dots over the piece of paper. These printers are great options for those who have to print a lot of graphics and desire high-quality results. The Toner and Ink Cartridges in Toronto also play an important role as ink cartridges are cheaper than laser toner cartridges. The real Ink Cartridges in Toronto deliver a high-quality color image. These printers are mostly used for home, school, and small offices purposes as they produce detailed images and provide excellent solutions for image-heavy documents. Additionally, they warm up easier than any other printer, and the ink cartridges can also be recycled or refilled, which saves your money. They require less maintenance efficiency as compared to laser printers.

There are some limitations with this type. The ink of these cartridges are more expensive. These printers are not capable of printing at high speeds, and if they are not used within time, their ink may dry out. The inkjet inks are water-based, and that is why they can easily damage. Their paper tray's capacity is also low, around 50-100 sheets only. 

Laser Printers

Laser Printers in Canada are those printers that use fine powder stored in toners to produce images and texts and have fast print speeds. These printers use laser beams that pass over the machine's drum, and therefore they got their name. These printers are considered as most economical and efficient printers as they go a long way in terms of cost per page, and they are more economical as they won't dry up the way inkjet does. These laser printers can print high volumes of documents and are mostly used for professional uses. 

inkjet printer vs laser printer

The limitation of laser printers is that the cost of a toner cartridge used in these printers is almost twice that of the other printers, and they are largely bigger, which is not ideal for small or narrow spaces. These printers take longer to warm up than inkjet printers. The toner leaks are hard to clean and obstruct the printing.

Factors needed to be considered while choosing the best printer

Which printer do I need to borrow? The answer to this question varies as every working space demands its respective equipment, and there are few factors listed below that must be taken into consideration.

  • Your printing budget- You must purchase your printer by keeping the budget bracket into the consideration you want to invest for it as every organization has its respective budget bracket. The investment in printers is not like other IT purchases, as the real price of the printer comes from the ink, which is a recurring purchase. If you have an efficient budget, then you must go with the printer having more ink efficiency. You can look for various individual cartridges' costs and purchase the one that suits your budget.
  • Workspace adaptability - The desire to purchase a printer varies with the workplace for home or small businesses; they have lesser use when compared with big organizations. Inkjet printers are for the lower volume of spaces and less frequent printing, whereas big companies or bulk printing require fast and regular long-term printing and go with laser one.
  • What to print - The purchase of a printer also depends on the need for printing like if you need to print high-quality images in less frequent time or if you need good charts for presentation, you should go with Inkjet printers. At the same time, if you need bulk documents printing with regular and high text-based files printout copiers, you must go with laser printers.

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