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Laser Printers


There are two kinds of laser printers available, copier/printer/scanner machines and the basic document printer.

If you just want to print files, such as Excel Spreadsheets, website pages and word documents, the basic laser printer is the best choice. A laser printer at the low end of the cost scale is just black and white. If you want a colour laser printer, you will need to invest a little more.

If you’re searching for the ability to make many copies of files, print documents and scan files, the all-in-one printer is the best choice for you.

Laser Printer Pros

More effective utilization of toner: Laser printers are effective in toner use when compared to other type of printers.

Fast Print: Laser printers can print files quite fast, particularly bigger files when compared to inkjet printers.

Easy to Clean: Toner doesn’t stain, cleaning is easy compared to other printers.

Laser Printer Cons

On the other hand it also comes with some drawbacks such as:

High cost of toner cartridges: The cost of a toner cartridge is twice the amount compared to other printers. But they last much longer and print many more pages.

Bigger Size: They are the larger sized printer, which is not ideal for narrow or small spaces.

Noisy: This kind of printer can be noisy and sometimes can disrupt you if you are having a conversation over the phone.

In general, laser printers are a superb choice of printers for business and home office purposes. They come in various makes and models, so make sure to get one ideal for your needs. Online is the best place to shop for laser printers and compare the different models to find the one that suits your needs.

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