Roland VersaStudio BN-20A BN20A Desktop Eco-Solvent MAX2 Inkjet Printer/Cutter - Review 2021

Are you looking for the Lowest Price Office Copiers Canada? The VersaStudio BN-20 prints amazing images on clothes, stickers, posters, signs, and more with state-of-the-art innovative printhead technology. The 8-channel printhead of Toner and Ink Cartridges Toronto optimizes picture quality by printing at up to 1440 dpi using variable droplet technology with seven exact drop sizes. 

A patent-pending wiper technology lowers wear and tear on the printhead and extends its life by eliminating accumulation, while the gold-head reduces static and prevents clogging. For photographic and vector output, Laser Printers Toronto the Roland Intelligent Pass Control Technology produces prints with better gradations, richer density, and deeper picture saturation. The Inkjet printers Toronto offer several benefits such as:

  • Roland VersaStudio BN-20
  • Print resolution: Maximum 1440 dpi
  • Printing/cutting width: Maximum 18.9 in (480 mm)
  • Capacity: 5 cartridges: 220 ml ± 5 ml

Overview of the Inkjet Printer/Cutter

  • Metallic Silver or White Ink are two of the four ink options available

  • Eco-Sol MAX ink combinations are offered for the BN-20. Four-color (CMYK) is the optimum option for conventional process inkjet printing. CMYK+Metallic provides increased adaptability and superior value. Metallic Silver could be used as a spot color or mixed with CMYK to create a wide range of metallic and iridescent hues. 


    CMYK+White allows for the printing of transparent or reflective materials in various applications. The BN-20 can also be printed with CMYK aqueous ink. This water-based high-density ink produces beautiful colors and provides excellent print quality, perfect for short-term indoor applications. The toner cartridges Toronto offer fast drying time, high density, broad color spectrum, tough scratch resistance, and low cost per square foot are all features of Eco-Sol MAX.


    • One Integrated Workflow for Printing and Cutting


    VersaStudio Ink Cartridges Toronto makes the production process simpler by contour cutting printed graphics automatically. It removes the need to reload and reposition graphics. The Quadralign optical registration is a four-point technology for laminated graphics allowing the users to remove prints, laminate, and reload the prints for precision cutting.


    • VersaWorks 6 RIP Software


    With the latest version of the world's most popular RIP software, you can easily manage your print output on the BN-20. Aside from cropping, tiling, nesting, and color libraries, there's a lot more. It includes better performance, file management, five print queues, and limitless queue settings in hot folders. It also has a new drag-and-drop interface that allows you to move files from your desktop to your print queue in seconds.

    Assisting all our customers

    Everything which makes a Roland amazing has been concentrated into one powerful, profit-generating bundle. Affordably priced, exceptionally adaptable, these office copiers Canada are a steal. One machine that can print and cut a wide range of jobs on a wide range of media.

    • Roland OnSupport is an online production assistance service provided by Roland.


    The Roland OnSupport online production monitor allows you to track production from afar and receive notifications when the ink runs out, or a job is completed. Users of Roland support can also receive firmware updates and crucial product information rapidly.


    • One-Year No-Questions-Asked Warranty


    Roland inkjet printers offer unrivaled performance and famous Roland dependability. The top Color Photocopiers Toronto, Roland backs the VersaStudio with a One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty, demonstrating their unrivaled reliability.

    Summing up 

    The Roland Inkjet printers by the Precision Toner assures you the highest quality printing. With our products you will be able to get prints with high density, water-proof ink. We offer a wide range of copiers/printers and ink and toner cartridges in Canada.