Laser Printers in Toronto have become much more affordable in recent years, making them a more accessible investment than ever. This implies that a mass printing equipment may be purchased for a very low initial expenditure for students and people simply starting up a new home office. A laser printer is a no-brainer for a busy workplace. It produces the highest-quality text prints, the quickest speeds, and the most cost-effective prints per page.

The Ultimate Guide To Laser Printers

Monochrome or Color?

The first criterion is your fundamental requirement: think about the sorts of papers you'll be printing to discover which Color Copiers Toronto is appropriate for you. If all you need is the capacity to print, and you'll simply be producing bills or other monochromatic papers, a monochrome laser printer is all you'll need. If you'll be printing color documents on a frequent basis, invest in a color laser printer.

Types of functions 

If you need to scan documents, make copies, or send and receive faxes, you'll want to look into a multifunction laser printer that can handle all of these activities. Other sorts of functionalities to consider include printing from USB sticks (file compatibility varies, so verify the specs), scanning to USB sticks and network locations, and maybe the ability to print and scan utilising Cloud-based apps.

The Ultimate Guide To Laser Printers

Paper handling

Printers typically only handle paper up to the A4 size, so if you need to print papers on A3 paper, you'll need to hunt for a particular model. If the printer has a multi-purpose tray, you can print envelopes and heavier paper, but you'll need to check the printer's specs to find the exact weight of paper it can handle (in gsm) and the number of envelopes that can be added.


Although USB is ubiquitous on all printers, Ethernet is the most important sort of connectivity to look for in an office setting. This will allow you to connect the printer to your network router and share it with your coworkers. All computers in the network that will need access to the printer will need to have the printer's driver loaded.

If you want to set up the printer on your wireless network instead, look for wireless connection (typically up to the 802.11n standard). If you want to provide mobile devices a means to interact directly with the printer and print via an app, search for Wi-Fi Direct functionality. This may operate with NFC capabilities on some printers, allowing for a direct connection to be established by just placing the smartphone on the printer.


A standard office printer is big and may be difficult to move around without the assistance of another person. Consider the printer's size and where it will be installed in your surroundings when making your purchase. You could want to opt for a smaller printer that would fit better in your workspace while yet delivering equivalent capabilities. You should also consider how simple it is to install toner cartridges and load paper, since this may save down on maintenance time. Get in touch with us and we will help you in shopping for the best showroom color copiers.