Canon gives you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to getting the right photocopier for your business. All have different speeds, prices and functions and might be or not be suitable for your office setup. Here is a listing of three of the best running Canon copiers that you can consider getting for your office. Remember all three of them are currently the best running photocopiers in the market but one or the other might not prove to be suitable to your setup. Check out the details and then make an intelligent decision for the one photocopier that suits your business best.

Canon Image Runner 5075

This is a 75ppm (A4) photocopier. This one piece is perfectly suited for setups with central reproduction departments, print on demand applications, large corporate offices and also print for pay establishments. Places where fast copying and scanning are required can benefit a lot with the Canon copiers especially the IR 5705. This is a versatile photocopier and also offers booklet finishing, hole punching, z-folding, c-folding and cover inserting and finishing options. The Canon IR 5705 also has internet enabled features and also latest security options embedded in the setup. Without a doubt the Canon IR 5705 is one state of the art photocopier for your business and will keep it ahead of all the competition.

Canon Image Runner 3235

This is one multi-talented device. The Canon Imager Runner 323 creates a very borderless environment for images, information, devices and people that let you live and work exactly the way you want anywhere and anytime. This particular device has 3 line fax support and allows for three times the normal fax productivity and capacity requiring minimal investment. The Canon IR 3235 has direct USB media support that allows for printing and scanning of data directly from or into a removable USB device. You can also save data stored in a mail box to the USB. This particular Canon copier is powered by the brand’s next generation high tech image CHIP system architecture and therefore provides fast multifunction processing and complete concurrency. You want a device that rips super fast through image data for maximum productivity in a networked environment, Canon IR 3235 is what you need.

Canon Image Runner 2220

This is a compact device that delivers very dependable prints. When you need 20ppm in color or black/white, this is the image you ought to trust. The Canon Image Runner 2220 has maximum paper capacity of 2270 sheets. The device also has powerful scanning options therefore users can capture paper documents and also distribute them to various locations in a number of formats that are readily available for digital use.

If you need a device that will easily integrate into your existing infrastructure at the office and also share resources with other devices on the network, then the Canon IR 2220 is the ultimate device you ought to use. Benefit from Canon IR 2220’s maximum functionality without any duplication while you share storage or fax space on the network.