Photocopiers Education

Photocopiers Education

Photocopiers Education

Know your usual photocopiers

There is always a great deal of confusion between Toronto photocopiers and printers. Although sometimes they are used synonymously yet they are very different from each other. Both of them have a different purpose and means of using.

The photocopiers are machines hat instantly scans and replicates the same image. The company called CANON was one of the pioneers of this machine. It so happened that people think that the photocopy machines are actually called CANON machines. Now, there are many producers of the photocopy machine that offers a huge competitive edge in terms of quality as well as costs. One may argue that the after sales service too would play a crucial role in terms of competition.

The essential feature that this machine has on offer is the ability to instantly replicate a similar image. All that has to be done is to place an image below the scanner ad that image would be instantly scanned and printed at the go of a button. It is a very simple task and no formal training is required. Even a person who has absolutely no skills at all for computer would be able to operate this machine.

It also has a low operating cost as well. It consumes less power and does not have lots of wastage. The colour photo copy machines unfortunately do not say the same thing. They consume a lot of colours that are indeed expensive. Nevertheless, the huge dearth of any cheap substitutes allows these colour photo copy machines to a popular choice.

 The printers are somewhat different from the photocopy machines. The primary roles of the printers are to convert the soft copies into hard copies. Here the printer would print whatever the computer commands it to. There is no requirement of scanning a similar form of document either. Thus unlike the photo copy machines these printers can generate the first copy. Hence, it is a major advantage.

There are many places are there where the soft copies are accepted. For this reason the printers plays a key role. The only problems with the printers are that they require to be operated by computers. Thus there is a requirement of somebody with basic computer skills to operate this machine. There are a wide range of printers that are available, the laser printers; to the inkjet printer or the antique dot matrix printer are some examples of the commonly used printers.