Service calls


Page count coverage

Service Term

up to __1__ calls in the GTA

not including consumables

up to an additional

1000 pages


months or 1 service calls


Terms & Conditions

1- Precision Toner Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Vendor”) will provide repair to the Customer in respect of the equipment as required, to maintain equipment in good and proper working condition within the operating guidelines provided by the manufacturer. All service will be provided during normal working hours (9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday).

2- This warranty shall be effective on the date it is signed by the Vendor and the Customer.

3- This warranty is a non- renewable limited warranty. Customers may apply to our extended service plan.

4- This warranty includes parts determined to be defective or replaceable due to normal wear and tear except, consumable items such as toner, drums fuser, staples and paper.

5- This warranty shall not apply to repairs made necessary by accident, customer error, misuse, abuse, neglect, theft, riot, vandalism, electrical power failure, fire, water or other casualty or any repairs made by other service personnel due to the foregoing shall be borne by the Customer.

6- The Vendor is not liable for any loss of business or profit or other consequential loss of the Customer arising out of any defects in the performance of the equipment howsoever caused nor for the failure to render service or provide parts and supplies due to causes beyond the vendor reasonable control.

7- We shall not be responsible for delays or inability to service or inspect caused directly or indirectly by strikes, accidents, embargoes, acts of God, credit hold for invoices over 30 days or any other event beyond its control. The Agreement is not transferable to a third party.

8- Toner spill is considered an act of negligence and is not covered under this Agreement, except once per year if you are purchasing our supplies. Any toner spill after that will need a regular service call and the customer will be charged accordingly.

9- When in our opinion a shop reconditioning is necessary because normal repair and parts replacement cannot keep a unit of equipment in satisfactory operating condition, we will submit a cost estimate of needed repairs which will be in addition to maintenance charges.

10- We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement if the supplies used in the above equipment are not purchased from us.

12- This warranty does not cover any software and/or network incompatibility. Customer is required to contact their IT person or call the manufacturer for any network and/or software inquiries.

11- -We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement and will not be held liable or responsible for failure to the main board, laser assembly unit, and Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.)

12- Damage resulting from neglect, abuse, misuse, accident, Customer error arising from incompetent or unqualified operators, lightning and repairs performed by someone other than an authorized Precision Toner Inc. representative are excluded from coverage under this warranty.

13- In the event that the Customer uses parts and supplies other than those provided by the Vendor in the operation of all equipment serviced under this Service Maintenance Agreement and/or failure to use authorized parts and supplies may result in the termination of this service maintenance agreement for the applicable location.

14- The Customer agrees and undertakes to only use the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications; and the Customer acknowledges that the Vendor shall have no obligation to maintain or repair the equipment except as provided herein.

15- The Customer agrees to appoint at least one member of its staff as a principal operator at each location who shall be trained in the use and operation of the equipment.

16- The Customer agrees to allow the Vendor to enter the premises where the equipment is located for the purpose of locating, inspecting, repairing and servicing the equipment during normal working hours, and upon reasonable notice.

17- The Customer agrees to provide the Vendor with written notice if any unit covered under this warranty is moved to a new location. The Vendor reserves the right to agree to continue to provide maintenance and repair for any such equipment which is moved if such location is inaccessible to the Vendor of if the Vendor is unable to provide an authorized service representative to perform the Vendor's obligations hereunder for reasons beyond the Vendor's control.

18- No waiver by either party of any breach, default or omission in the performance of any provision of this agreement by the other part shall apply to or be deemed to be a waiver of any other similar breach default or omission which may occur at a later date unless such waiver is in writing and signed by the party giving the waiver and, unless otherwise provided in the written waiver shall be limited to the specified breach waiver. The failure or refusal by either party to insist upon the strict performance of any provision of this agreement or to exercise any right in any one or more instances or circumstances shall not be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of such provision or right, nor shall such failure or refusal be deemed a custom or practice contrary to such provision or right.