$89/Month BRAND NEW Audley Plotter up to 70" Media size with illumination. Graph plotter Servo Motor with contour cutting - vinyl /Tinting/PPF cutter

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BRAND NEW Audley Plotter up to 70" Media size.  Graph plotter Servo Motor with contour cutting - vinyl cutter. Good for Tinting and PPF.

This Plotter can cut many types of Vinyl Media, Stickers/Car Stickers, Car and Boats Decals and Tinting/PPF Film. It is also highly recommended for cutting Sandblast Film, Heat transfer Material, Diamond 3M Reflective Film and Light Box Film. Max. plotting width - 67.32"

Audley is one of the largest Manufacturers of High-End Plotters and Laminators.

Feeding accuracy is 10 meters without deviation! 

FREE Software: Transparent car film servo motor cutter plotter

★ Smart touch button screen, easy to operate, smart and user-friendly,

★ Brand servo motor, low noise, fast speed,

★ Professional integrated circuits, common engraving languages, supporting various popular software in the market;

★ High-definition camera automatic contour cutting, multi-point positioning,

★ All-in-one pressure roller linkage to ensure that the machine's paper feeding accuracy is 10 meters without deviation,

★ Scan QR code to identify USB flash disk files,

★ Automatic suction platform system, higher scanning accuracy

  • barbed steel feed roller: The camera is precisely made of pure aluminum alloy and after multiple processes.

  • Sharp blade: Carbon fibre blade has an extremely sharp edge.

  • Alloy: The body is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and convenient to store and move.

Max. cutting speed: 1200mm/s
Max. plotting force: 800g
Driver: Servo motor
Control panel+Display: Touch button, English display


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