Audley WorldColor 30cm A3 DTF Printer WC2030-X2 x2 Epson Heads

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Product Information

The WorldColor WC2030-X2 Epson Heads is meticulously custom-configured and constructed according to our specifications.

This printer can be integrated with an Advanced Oven Dryer/Powder Shaker and Filter System for unparalleled performance. (Or you can use an A3 Curing Oven with an optional Powder Station)

Please be aware that the WorldColor by Audley requires a meticulous print head installation. The process involves setting up and configuring the Print Head after the head installation, followed by precise head alignments. This procedure ensures optimal performance and functionality upon delivery and installation.

  • Model WC72030-Equipped with Two Original Epson F1080 Heads
  • White Ink: White Ink Circulation System 
  • Printer 800W 220V
  • Optional Shaker 1600W 220V
  • Nozzle Quantity 1440 nozzles
  • Print Height 2-5mm(adjustable)
  • Ink Type Pigment ink INK color C M Y K W
  • Printing Width 30cm width
  • Printing material Pet film ( hot or cold peel)
  • Rip Software Maintop
  • Optional Dryer way External independent drying system
  • Operate environment Temperature: 15℃-30℃,
  • Humidity: 35%-65%
  • Speed 4 pass: 7 m²/H 6 pass:4.2m²/H 8 pass:3.5 m²/H
  • Machine weight 101KG+51KG  Optional Shaker
  • Packing size 144*60*61cm 81*62*80.5cm (Combo)

Optional Shaker/Dryer:

Shake Powder Section: Forward/backward, Spread speed, Static elimination

Heating Temperature: 110-140 degrees

DTF printer advantage: • Easy, intuitive and fast workflow from art to print. • Automated and scalable process that reduces labor costs. • DTF will work on almost any fabric and has a much lower application heat, so there are no heat marks on sensitive fabrics. • Finished product cost is 75% cheaper than DTG!!! • Lowest startup cost compared to any other print system. • Sharper and more Vibrant prints compared to DTG. • Largest industry print size - up to 24 inches wide x unlimited tall.

DTF is taking the custom apparel industry by storm for three reasons: • It’s incredibly productive, producing massive numbers of transfers in minutes. It is far faster than any other method. • There are endless substrate/fabric options! You can apply DTF transfers to darks, lights, synthetics, blends, and cotton - even stretchy materials are no problem. • Wildly cost-effective to own and operate. One operator, low maintenance costs, and PENNIES per transfer - cost depends on transfer size, NOT the number of colors.

What is DTF?

DTF printing uses heat to transfer prints onto fabric or materials. It’s more flexible than DTG printing, working on both cotton and poly blends. This makes it a great choice for garment printing and offers more options for materials to print on.

Is DTF better than sublimation?

DTF transfer offers photo-quality images and surpasses sublimation. The fabric’s higher polyester content enhances the image quality, making it more vibrant. DTF designs feel soft to the touch, giving a comfortable wearing experience.

Is DTF better than screen printing?

DTF printing offers more versatility compared to screen printing, allowing you to create designs in a broader range of areas on the garment. It’s also more cost-effective for certain types of jobs and smaller runs, making it a viable option for many businesses.

DTF hot peel vs cold peel

Hot peel film is recommended for printing larger patterns like the front and back of garments, whereas cold peel film is better suited for printing thinner lines like back collars and letters.

Manufacturer suggested Cost of Consumables:

The cost of printing a T-shirt with ink and PET film is $0.2

The manufacturer suggested the Cost of imported Blank T-shirts:

A blank T-shirt costs $1.80

High Quality Printer:

Exclusive technology patent, Highest quality standard. Look in detail at how we have improved the quality of machines:

1. Automatically and intermittently open the circulating pump when starting so that the ink in the pipeline circulation flows to prevent plugging.

2. Intermittently stir the white ink automatically when the machine is turned on so that the ink is evenly stirred.

3. Built with high-quality materials such as 6mm thick aluminum alloy, industrial-grade conveyor belts, and heavy-duty pressure rollers to enhance durability, accuracy, and stability.


Perfect Printing Effect:

Look at how we can improve the quality of printing from various angles:

1. Genuine Epson printhead, smooth ink jet, exquisite picture quality.

2. We have very high requirements for printing accuracy because it is the core factor affecting the printing effect.

3. Strictly screen the ink and PET transfer film quality to ensure no mistakes in every link.

4. Genuine software that is easy to operate. Clear pattern, high degree of restoration.
5. Provide customers with use tutorials in advance to reduce the rate of defective products.

Save Energy and High Efficiency:

Does less power save energy? No! Look at the formula: Electricity consumption = power * time. For the same number of jobs, if the power is too small, the time will be prolonged, leading to lower printing efficiency and higher electricity consumption. If the power is too large, energy consumption will be wasted. The motor power of our printer is well balanced between energy consumption and efficiency, which can print efficiently and save energy.


Audley WorldColor DTF printers have passed CE, SGS and ISO certification, sold at home and abroad and won five-star praise from 5000+ customers.

Excellent products can stand the test of the market.

Strict QC:

To ensure the quality of products, we dare not slack off in any link

1. Strictly screen parts suppliers to ensure each part meets our company’s standards before storage.

2. From a machine platform to a screw, workers’ ingenuity is hidden everywhere. Countless experiments to get just the right consumable configuration scheme, and print out unique art finally.

3. Test the printing effect and machine performance repeatedly to ensure that customers are smiling rather than disappointed when they receive the goods.

High Flexibility:

No plate-making is required, and it can be printed in small batches. Small area needed, no big restrictions for site and fund, it’s friendly for small businesses and big companies.

25 Years of Experience:

Audley WorldColor has 25 years of industry experience, enabling us to provide our customers with high-quality DTF printers at competitive prices. Our unwavering dedication to excellence ensures mutually beneficial outcomes. In addition, we offer a range of support services, including skills training, marketing planning, and brand building, to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives.

- F1080 print heads are also known as XP600 

SKU: AT1000QFC-13-1

Terms & Conditions of Use and Safety Guidelines for DTF Printers and Accessories

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