New GCC P4-60LX 23.6" Inch Puma IV Vinyl Cutter With Section Cutting And Segmental Positioning

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New GCC P4-60LX 23.6" Inch Puma IV Vinyl Cutter With Section Cutting And Segmental Positioning

The new Puma IV P4-60LX enhances its capability to complete a variety of applications with great efficiency which satisfies your different needs in sign industry. Powered by a digitally controlled servo system, the Puma IV P4-60LX produces eye-catching graphics with up to 40 ips (1020 mm/sec) cutting speed, 500 g of cutting force and 5 meters (16.4 feet) of tracking ability.


  • Operational Method - Roller-Type
  • Max. Cutting Width - 600mm(23.6 in.)
  • Max. Media Loading Width - 719 mm(28.3 in.)
  • Min. Media Loading Width - 50 mm (1.97 in.)
  • Number of Pinch Rollers - 2
  • Acceptable Material Thickness - 0.8 mm (0.03 in.)
  • Drive Motor - DC Servo Control
  • Max. Cutting Force - 500 g
  • Max. Cutting Speed(Diagonal) - 1,020 mm/s(40.2 ips) (at 45° direction)
  • Offset - 0-1.0 mm (with an increase of 0.025 mm)
  • Mechanical Resolution - 0.009 mm (0.00035")
  • Software Resolution - 0.025 mm (0.00098")
  • Distance Accuracy - ±0.254 mm or ±0.1% of move, whichever is greaterr
  • Repeatability - ±0.1mm
  • Memory Size - 32 MB /16 MB (when using AAS)
  • Interfaces - USB 2.0 (High speed), Serial (RS-232C), Ethernet
  • Commands - HP-GL, HP-GL/2
  • Automatic-Aligning System - Available on Puma IV LX models,
    including Segmental Positioning and Auto Rotation functions
  • Configurable Origin - Yes
  • Curve & Arc Smoothing - Yes
  • Test Cut Capability - Yes
  • Repeat Function - Yes
  • Copy Function - Yes
  • Tangential Mode - Yes
  • Overcut Capability - Yes
  • Pause and Move - Yes
  • Control Panel - LCM (20 digits X 2 lines), 14 Keys , 1 power LED
  • Diameter of Blade - 2.5 mm
  • Dimension(H x W x D) mm - 220 x 879 x 258 mm 8.76 x 34.61 x 10.16 in.
  • Net Weight - 13 kg / 28.6 lb
  • Power Supply - AC 100-240V, 50~60 Hz (auto switching)
  • Power Consumption - Max. 170 W
  • Environment Humidity - 25%~ 75% relative humidity (operating)
  • Environment Temperature - 15°-30°C (60°-86°F)


Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
The Puma IV series features a standard Automatic-Aligning System(AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images. Functions include:
 1st-mark auto-detection  4-point positioning
 Segmental positioning    Multiple copies
Triple Port Connectivity
Puma IV series supports triple port connectivity with USB, serial and Ethernet ports. The USB port provides faster and convenient data transmission between the computer and Puma IV. Ethernet connection enables multiple Puma IV to be operated by one PC and multiple PCs to share a single unit. Triple port connectivity provides users a great flexibility for data transmission.
Section Cutting
Section cutting divides the long plot data into sectional output jobs to gain higher cutting quality and increase precision. GCC Puma IV series scan registration mark of section 1 and cut the plot data in section 1, and then it scan registration mark of section 2 and cut the plot data in section 2, and so on.
Auto Rotation
New registration marks defined to detect material feeding direction. Puma IV detects the unique registration marks to distinguish material feeding direction and rotate cutting content automatically. You don’t need to rotate the material by yourself.
Segmental Positioning
Puma IV series features Segmental Positioning function which can correct the crooked print. Printed image may be crooked because the printing shifts, and Segmental Positioning function can scan the registration marks one by one automatically to calibrate shift.
Tracking Ability
The exclusive grid drum is precisely engineered to provide superb tracking ability.
Puma IV is a versatile machine with the ability to plot and cut without having to alter the plotter's mechanical configuration. For vector cutting, simply install a blade holder; for plotting, simply install the drawing pen or a ballpoint pen.
Accurate and Smooth Operation
Puma IV incorporates a precision electro-mechanical design, which ensures an extremely accurate cutting capability. The state-of-the-art, closed-loop, high-speed digital servo drive system provides smooth, quiet, and fast operation.
Handy Grooved Cut-Off Tool
This handy and innovative design allows you to cut off a finished job in a straight line easily reducing the possibility of wasting usable material.
Windows Drivers
Puma IV includes a Windows driver that allows sign makers to edit signs from CorelDraw and output directly to Puma IV. It is very simple and easy to make signs with Puma IV.
Friendly Operation
The user-friendly control panel comes with a large 20-digit x 2-line LCD and 14 control buttons, providing easy operation and simple navigation. The LCD allows users to monitor all operational settings including offset value, quality mode, cutting speed and cutting force. Buttons on the Puma IV include frequently used functions such as speed, force, offset and cut test. 4 sets of prestored job settings for frequently used material can be stored in Puma IV. These settings include cutting speed, blade offset, cutting force, as well as movement speed during tool-up and cutting.

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