If you want to use your office printer for a long period, you must take proper care of it. Taking care of your printer requires not much effort. Therefore, you should take care of it if you are not planning to buy a new one any time soon and spending a huge amount. In this blog, we will share a few tips that will help you to take care of your office laser printer in Toronto easily and will help in extending the life of your printer. Experts at Precision Toner always suggest keeping in mind the given below steps.


1. Removing Dust And Cleaning The Printer Regularly

Cleaning your printer on a regular basis is one of the surefire ways to make your office laser printer in Canada last longer. It is recommended to clean the exterior part of your printer once a week. For the interior part, cleaning once in 4 months would be best.

2. Use The Highest Quality Ink

The quality of ink in your office printer matters a lot. Cheap toner and ink cartridges Toronto may cut the cost of your purchase, but it will eventually end up costing you a high price. Cheap ink cartridges can cause more mess and damage to your printer as they can put more strain and leak on the equipment. 


3. Replace The Cartridge Very Carefully 

If you do not pay much attention to the replacement of the ink cartridges in Toronto, it will dry up. If this occurs, you need to be very careful while changing it, as touching the bottom will result in reduced print quality. This will eventually affect the working quality of your printer. 

4. Use Quality Papers For Printing

You should always use the best quality papers when it comes to saving the life of your printer. Using medium and inferior quality papers can often result in paper jams. To better understand the standard quality of papers suitable for your printer, you can check the minimum paper standards published by the manufacturers. 


5. Always Close The Manual Feed Tray After Use

You should always ensure that you have carefully closed the manual feed tray for printing labels or other documents. If not taken care of, it can be broken easily as one can easily bump onto it. This little ignorance can cost you a lot as you will need to repair it.

6. Update The Operating Software Of The Printer

Similar to your computer, printers too have to be updated every now and then. The manufacturers of the color photocopiers in Toronto release the update for the present software you have in your printer. This helps to optimize the system, fix all the bugs, and improve the performance of your printer.