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Toner Cartridge Education

Toner Cartridge Education

Toner Cartridges – Magic in a cartridge

A Toner Cartridge is that part of the printer which contains the black or colored powder which will eventually make images on paper. Toronto toner cartridges are used in laser printers where the fine powder in used in place of ink. While printing, an electrically charged drum picks up these fine particles and places them on the paper to be fused there with the laser. Though most of the toners are simple containers for the fine powder, in certain printers the rolling drum also forms a part of the toner cartridge and so the entire mechanism has to be replaced once the toner cartridge needs replacement.

Typically, a regular toner cartridge has a life of about 2,000 pages while a toner cartridge with a drum roll will print about 40,000 pages in its lifetime. The cost of toner cartridges is higher when compared to the cost of inkjet printer cartridges. The cost of toner cartridgesmanufactured by different companies also varies depending on the size of the toner particles in the cartridges. The size of the particles affects the resolution of the image being printed, therefore the higher the resolution offered, the more costly the toner cartridge is.

Toner Cartridges are available in the market in three forms-

  1. Genuine Toner Cartridges – These are manufactured and sold by the manufacturers of printers, for instance, cartridges by Canon, HP, Xerox, etc. These are the most expensive choice since these are specialized products meant for different models.
  2. Compatible Toner Cartridges – These are relatively cheaper than the genuine ones simply because they are manufactured by companies other than the ones that manufacture printers. These generic toners are compatible to different models of printers though they may not give as high print yield as the genuine models.
  3. Remanufactured or refilled Toner Cartridges – These are the cartridges which are refilled with the toner particles once the toner particles in original cartridge have been exhausted. They are probably the cheapest among the three types but their reliability and quality is not guaranteed.

Toronto toner cartridges can be bought from physical stores as well as online, though the customers have to build in the delivery time while buying from an online store. Online stores generally offer a discounted price if the customer is buying more than a certain number of toner cartridge units at a time. Since laser printers are the printers of choice for most businesses due to their high yield, there is a large enough market for toner cartridges too.